Mission & Values

Our Mission
Our mission at Inspire Rehab and fitness is to provide the best health treatment in order to assist you in managing your condition or injury. Through the use of exercise, our exercise physiologists are able to help you prevent, and treat, a number of acute and chronic health conditions. The services provided range from cardiac rehabilitation following a heart attack, through to informational sessions on how exercise can be used to help cope with mental health conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and Anxiety. We make it our priority to see that you receive the best treatment possible, in the hopes that what we do will help you to get back to living life how you planned to.


Our Values
Inspire Rehab and Fitness  values its’ clients. That’s why we endeavor to provide the best quality service to our clients at all times because your health is our business. Our university trained Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease through the use of exercise and lifestyle management techniques. Whether you are simply overweight and want to make a change to your lifestyle, or have a series of complex medical conditions our team are well-equipped to help you.